Sports at Kits

Over 95 city championship banners, won since 1993, are on display in the gym.  Many Kitsilano students move into their post-secondary studies with the help of an athletic scholarships, and the school boasts several famous sports alumnae including 3-time Gold medallist, Olympic rower Kathleen Heddle, and pro-rugby player Justin Mensah-Coker. “There are so many special historical moments in terms of winning trophies and championships, and the individuals, the novice players who practice throughout the year and show participation, excellence, energy and enthusiasm.”
With the construction of new facilities, the tradition will continue to grow.
“We’re trying to leave a legacy that we have built over the last 30 years,” says Coutts.  For the school website athletics page, click here.

My name is Chris Thom and I am the Head Coach for the Wrestling team at Kitsilano. Some of you may not have known that Kits had a wrestling team, and that is partly because that until now, we operated out of Point Grey and only a handful of kids would make the trek to be part of the team. This year that has all changed as we have bought a new mat and have moved to Kitsilano Secondary.

This year I had a group of coaches come in for a couple days and work with some kids in grades 8-10 in their PE Classes and gathers about 35 names of kids who are interested in participating this year. We are all very committed to growing the sport and it will all start at Kitsilano.

I would love to have the opportunity to come to one of your meetings to discuss the sport, what we will be doing as a team, what opportunities there are for wrestlers in this province from travel to scholarships etc. We have come a long way in the last few years and have never asked for any support from any of the schools, but this year we are hoping to ask for some help buying a proper scale.

The season starts on Monday, November 5th after school and we are really excited to get the season going.

Please let me know if I can speak with someone or present at a meeting or submit a request or do something to let the PAC know about the program.

I’m reachable by email at or by phone 604-779-7472.