Kits Student Clubs

Club Description Club Sponser Contact email Meeting Time Room

APP Club

App club is a space for those in school who are interested in programming, electrical engineering with the application of micro-chips, or other computer related activities to work on projects with others inside an outside of school. Mr. F. Lackmance Every second Monday
after school

Business Club

Students who are interested in business subject, talks, activities, and would like to meet others with similar curiosity. In this club, you will have the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, participate in stock market challenges, tap into your entrepreneurial spirit, and more! Ms. A. Kersten 1st Wednesday of every month
at lunch

Chess Club

All levels of players meet and play friendly games of Chess. Mr. J. Findlay Day 2 only
11:40- 12:20

Foods Club

We will provide opportunities for students to explore and make culinary creations. Fundraising and charitable giving opportunities through food will be explored. Mrs. J. Holm
Mr. K. Polonijo
Selected Mondays
11:40- 12:20

Girl Empowerment Club

This is a space for girls to feel supported, confident and heard. It is specifically targeted for girls in Grade 8 and who are in transition into secondary school. Girls in grade 11 and 12 will act as peer mentors/big sisters to them, bringing a sense of community in to the school. The club will also cover topics such as stress management, caring for self, health relationships and positivity. Alison Rowley, School Aged Children and Youth (SACY) Worker Wednesday
11:40- 12:20

Hip-Hop Club

Student meet in Mr. Mills’ room to share all things that are great about Hip-Hop. As well, the club will run 3 – 5 open mics for students and two big shows for the entire school. Mr. T. Mills Friday
11:40 – 12:20

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT – Company Program @ Kits

Students start a business from scratch and learn all of the instrumental aspects to getting it off the ground. Junior Achievement supports the initiativeb through the help of professional mentors from industry and their non-profit organization. Students participate in the creation of a business idea, financing of it, research and development, marketing, selling, and more. It is a dream for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and want the freedom to explore the world of business outside of the typical classroom environment. Ms. A. Kersten Mondays afterschool
(3:05 – 4:00 pm)

Kitsilano Fitness Club

This is an opportunity to learn about and take part in fitness activities such as weight and endurance training. Mr. P. Gray Monday and Wednesday
After School

Kitsilano Science Fair Club

We prepare Science projects for the District and Regional Science fairs. Ms. M. Yang Wednesday
11:40- 12:20

Leo Club

Leo Club members not only provide service to the library but also gain valuable experience in effecting change both in our local community and around the world. Mr. F. Lackmance Tuesday
11:40- 12:20

Model UN

Model United Nations is an educational club where students role play countries and debate important topics around the world in an attempt to solve the crises at hand. Mme. M. Perrett Monday
11:40- 12:20


We publish the Haida Newspaper both in print and online. Writers meet to brainstorm and work independently, most contact is via e-mail. Mr. R. Mehl Varies
148 / 149

Philoso-Tea Club

At Philoso-Tea, we meet every Friday to discuss philosophical questions such as the existence of parallel universes, meaning of time, etc. Tea is provided. Mme. M. Perrett Friday
11:40- 12:20

Pride Team

LGTBQT and Allies come together to create a safe space, educate ourselves and other, have fun and promote diversity, safety and acceptance. Ms. S. Fritz Wednesday
11:40- 12:20

Reach For The Top

Students play and compete in a high school quiz programme. Trivia for teens. Mr. J. Davies Friday
11:40- 12:20

Robotics Club

We have 4 Vex IQ robots that the students use to solve engineering problems. Students have fun building robots and learning to program. Mr. D. Smith Monday
After School

11:40 – 12:20

Ski/Snowboarding Club

Offering affordable day trips to Whistler. Mr. J. Findlay As Announced by Sponsor 138

Table Tennis Club/Ping Pong

We meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and play table tennis in the hallways. If there is enough interest, a team will be made and games will be on Wednesdays after school. Mr. J. Van Damme Tuesday and Thursday
Outside Boys’ P.E. Office

VR/Video Game Club

This small group is passionate about video gaming and spending lunches together twice a week and playing video games. They also learn fundraising skills to help them obtain financing for future events and games. We will be advertising where people can pay and try out the VR headsets in the Drama Studio. Mr. R. Parker Thursday and Friday
11:40- 12:20
Drama Studio, 504

We Club

Raise awareness for the entire school body around homelessness, (this year’s focus) and other social issues. (Local and global.) Increase practical student involvement by attending events such as WE DAY, organizing a clothing drive, collecting non- perishable food items, etc. Mme. M. Perrett Wednesday
11:40- 12:20