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Grad class movie night 

Grad Council (for grade 12’s only) Presents: 

10 Things I Hate About You

playing at 6:30pm, Wednesday February 13th 

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Kitsilano Secondary’s theatre department is riding high on the success of their fall 2014 production of Love Actually. The multi-media extravaganza, included over 70 students, film clips, an original script, a jazz band, played to sold out shows and generated major buzz about the Kits’ drama department. New theatre department head Ryan Parker says, “My goal is to double the enrollment in Grade 9 drama, get the kids acting, singing, dancing and building sets.” Parker’s plans include liaising with the professional community and bringing in stars like Mark Donnelly to offer free singing lessons, adding dance training, and expanding the film department.
“Our goal is for the Kitsilano Theatre Company to be the strongest school theatre program in the Lower Mainland. We already have senior students transitioning into paid acting roles on stage and in television. We want to grow the younger program and put students in the position of having a legitimate shot at a professional career in acting, directing, stagecraft and film.”  For more information, go to

Mon- Thur, May 25 – 29th, 7pm.
Tickets can be purchased ahead of time (Love, Actually sold out!) from the students or Mr. Parker – $15 for adults and $10 for students.
Everyone welcome!

Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed Columbia Pictures film directed by Tim Burton – check out the Broadway production site
and the movie on IMDB

This will be the first ever production of Big Fish in B.C. and one of the largest productions Kitsilano has ever put on as far as cost, cast, and crew. We have over 80 actors and performers as well as a crew of over 50 behind the scenes and production!

Music at Kits

Hello, my name is Pauline Lo, the current music teacher at Kitsilano Secondary. The Kits Music program is undergoing a rebuilding phase and we are looking forward to moving into the new building. As your children go through their course planning, consider encouraging them to take up music as one (or both!) of their electives. Studies have shown that the benefits of learning to sing or play a musical instrument translate well into both academic and social settings. In addition, making music in an ensemble has been proven to be an excellent stress reliever, a break from the pace of our world.

Kitsilano Secondary School is proud to offer the following music courses next year:

  • Beginner Band 8/9/10/11 – no experience necessary!
  • Concert Band 8/9/10/11/12 – for all instrumentalists with more than one year of ensemble experience. We are currently looking into doing a short trip with the band next year.
  • Choir 9/10/11/12 – all levels welcome, creative arrangements will be tailored to the level of the singers. Pianists will also have the opportunity to play with the choir.
  • There a possibility of adding Jazz band as a before school class. Students interested in this option should contact Ms.Lo an expression of interest ASAP. All Jazz Band students will need to enroll concurrently in Concert Band.

Additional information can be found on pg.36 of the course planning guide. The hope is that by building a strong foundation the next couple of years we will generate sufficient interest to add on more music offerings in the senior grades in years to come.

A note to current beginning band parents: the second year of playing is crucial to instrumental success later on. Please encourage your student to continue on their instrument, or even switch instruments. This second year builds the technique required to play the exciting and impactful pieces of the Senior years.

We also have an interested parent group who has expressed interest in:

    • Fundraising
    • School concerts
    • Student trips (e.g. Whistler, Seattle) not just to travel but to play!
    • Helping recruit in the elementary schools

Please contact Heather Stubbs if you are keen to assist:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Pauline Lo, the Kitsilano Secondary Music Teacher at

Visual Arts

As the Visual Arts department, we were very lucky to move into our new spaces in the Fall of 2015. This meant that for the first time in more than one generation, all the art rooms are side by side, rather than in three corners of the school. This has allowed us to do a lot more collaboration and idea sharing. At present our ‘Art Street’ is still a major traffic route for students moving from the old to the new building, but once the school is complete we will be able to fully use our space for creativity.

Arts Night this year will be on May 17th, and it is a fantastic opportunity to come see the wonderful new spaces in the ‘new’ Kitsilano. Last year’s visitors kept commenting that the evening felt more like a Gala than a school function, and we are working on putting on a great event again this year.

For examples of student work and programming, please check out our Kitsilano Arts website at where each teacher showcases their students’ work and offers details on projects and assignments.